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Can I microwave a Sandra's Chicken entree?

Only oven baking is recommended, as Sandra’s Chicken entrees contain RAW chicken. Due to inconsistencies with temperature control in microwave ovens, never microwave our chicken products. Always cook the products in excess of 165°F measured by a meat thermometer.

Can I put a Sandra's Chicken entree in an air fryer?

Air fryers are currently not recommended for preparation. Conventional oven preparation is recommended. As a reminder, always cook the products in excess of 165 °F measured by a meat thermometer.

Should I defrost chicken entrees or thaw them in the refrigerator?

No, do not thaw Sandra's Chicken entrees. Always prepare the product from frozen using the cooking instructions found on each package.

If the item has been defrosted, it should be disposed of immediately.


Are Sandra's Chicken entrees antibiotic free?

Sandra’s Premium products, which are sold in the black boxes, are antibiotic free. Available flavors of antibiotic free varieties include Cordon Bleu, Broccoli & Swiss, Cauliflower & Chia, Quinoa & Veggie, and Kale & Pepperjack.

The All Natural Sandra's Chicken entrees are not antibiotic free; however, the chicken breast trim that is utilized in these products is prepared, inspected, and passed through a USDA-inspected facility under strict HACCP and global food safety guidelines.

Are Sandra's Chicken entrees gluten free?

Our entrees contain whole grain breading and are therefore not gluten free.

Are Sandra's Chicken entrees hormone free?

Yes. The US Food & Drug Administration prohibits the use of hormones in the raising of chickens. Therefore, all Sandra's Chicken items are hormone free.

Do Sandra's Chicken entrees contain GMOs?

The chicken used in our products is GMO-free. Chickens raised for meat in the United States are naturally selected and not genetically modified. We assume that the feed the chickens eat may be genetically modified since more than 80% of feed ingredients sold on the commodity market are GMOs. During digestion, the chicken’s system breaks down corn and soy DNA so that it does not become part of the chicken’s DNA or muscle tissue. Therefore, the chicken meat we use is GMO-free.

Other ingredients in Sandra's Chicken entrees that are derived from corn, soy, or wheat may be genetically modified since a significant percentage of the annual U.S. grain crop is genetically modified.


Do you sell your products online?

Yes. Simply click Buy Now on a product listing to be taken to our ecommerce store. You may also access the store directly by visiting http://www.shopmapleleaffarms.com.

Where I can find a list of stores that carry Sandra's Chicken entrees?

Please visit the Where to Buy page and use our product locator to find products near you.


Does Sandra's Chicken offer coupons?

Sandra’s Chicken periodically offers coupons on our website, as well as by email. To receive information on specials and coupon offers, please sign up for our VIP emails through the SIGN UP button in the footer below.