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Cordon Bleu Ham and Cheese Rollups

Cordon Bleu Pastry Roll Ups

Our take on ham & cheese roll ups! Sandra's Cordon Bleu Entrees wrapped in pastry, ham and cheesy deliciousness.

Sandras Broccoli and Swiss Grain Bowl

Broccoli & Swiss Grain Bowl

Looking for a quick and healthy meal? Try a grain bowl topped with our Broccoli & Swiss Chicken Entrée and fresh veggies.

Sandras chicken waffle fry poutine recipe

Chicken, Broccoli & Swiss Waffle Fry Poutine

This dish, submitted by Debbie Reid of Clearwater, FL for our 2016 Recipe Contest, incorporates Sandra's Broccoli & Swiss for a unique twist on Poutine.

Sandras chicken brie and apple salad recipe

Sandra's Chicken, Brie & Apple Salad

Sandra's Chicken, Brie & Apple chicken entrée pairs with cubed red apples and mixed greens for a delightfully light salad.

Sandras chicken cordon bleu sandwich recipe

Sandra’s Cordon Bleu Sandwich

Tired of making the same chicken sandwich? Sandra's Cordon Bleu is the perfect way to kick up the flavor on an every day favorite.

Sandras chicken fettuccine alfredo recipe

Sandra’s Chicken, Broccoli & Swiss Fettuccine Alfredo

Add Sandra's Chicken, Broccoli & Swiss to a simple fettuccine alfredo to create the ultimate comfort food.

Summer Corn

Summer Corn with Honey Mustard Butter

Tangy honey mustard butter adds a unique flavor to this grilled sweet corn side dish.

Roasted Vegetable Medley

Roasted Vegetable Medley

Red potatoes are the base of this hearty side dish that also features carrots and the aromatic flavors of onions and garlic.

Roast Asparagus n Romano Cheese

Roast Asparagus with Romano Cheese

Roast asparagus is paired with grated Parmesan cheese for a perfectly crisp side dish.

Grilled Pepper Salad

Grilled Pepper Salad

Marinated peppers and a tangy dressing rest atop crisp lettuce leaves for a refreshing side dish that pairs well with any Sandra's stuffed chicken entree.